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Our Story

The Puck and Roll Podcast was created in July 2021 with a cast of seven, all writers at A Winning Habit at the time (most have since moved on). Patrick Lortie was the owner, host, and producer of the podcast for just over the first year of its existence before stepping away from hockey media due to family reasons in October 2022. Three of the original seven panellists remain: Sebastian High, Joshua Rosa, and Scott Cowan, while a new face joined the team in June 2022: Aaron Itovitch. Since Patrick stepped away, Sebastian has become the full-time host and owner of the podcast, while Aaron has taking over the production aspects.

We are a group of passionate hockey fans with our individual and differing strengths and interests. Sebastian is working toward his dream of becoming an NHL scout by scouting the 2023 OHL draft eligibles for Dobber Prospects and doing crossover work for the rest of the class. Scott is a talented graphic designer and a lover of obscure hockey storylines from the AHL and ECHL. Josh is a die-hard Habs fan who loves digging deep into the team's history and dipping his toes into the world of scouting. Aaron is working his way up in the world of public scouting and hockey writing; he's a site expert at Last Word on Puck, and the Dallas Stars prospect scout at Dobber Prospects.

Our first aim is to make content we enjoy making! We all have pretty busy lives, but talking and writing about hockey is something we all need to make time for. Closely following is our second aim: making content that hockey fans enjoy! Whether it be interviews, panel discussions, livestreams, blog posts, or social media banter, we hope to bring you all entertainment and joy. We hope you stick around for a good long while and join the Puck and Roll family!

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